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Backpedding- A art of moving backwards by holding the S or arrow keys


Backpeddling Like Pros is a world pvp guild residing on Defias Brotherhood RP-PVP realm. We're currently recruiting skilled pvpers of any class for world pvp dominance and glory in Mists of Pandaria. We pride ourselves on a friendly and stress free environement in guild, which means a Backpeddler will always be happy to help you with any advice or assist you if you're getting camped. Guild members are always expected to have their pvp on at all times. 

We expect you have a thirst for World PVP and regularly attend most, if not all, events with us and to help us stop the Horde war machine in it's tracks. We require you to aid your comrades in battle when they need it and to defend our cities from attack.

What you'll be expecting from us:
City raids
Battleground premades
Arena and duel tournaments
Training bootcamps
Guild wars
Stranglethorn Vale/darkmoon faire chests
Target killing
Kill games
Tol Barad
World pvp!

What we dont do. 
Guard humping
Spit emotes

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BLP is not dead, dying or otherwise

Saelben, Feb 10, 13 7:21 PM.
BLP was never going to go down without  fight, and to that end I have taken over from Tanver. There will be no huge changes in how we go about things, we will still respond to Defence spam and such like.

One change that will be happening in the next couple of days however is a Guild name change, post on the forum, spam them in guild chat or you will end up with some ridiculous I thought up at work.

Thankyou Tanver for all the hard work and time you invested into BLP, you will be sorely missed and welcomed back should you ever want to be in DBs #1 WPvP guild :)

Farewell and good luck

Tanver, Feb 10, 13 5:34 AM.
This isn't what I wanted to say but after sititng here thinking about it for most of the morning I've decided to cease guild recruitment and close the guild down. You may jump down my throat about this but I really cant continue anymore. I'm putitng up events and nobody is signing for them. I admit i'm deeply upset, but we rarely have the numbers for w-pvp anymore. Two of our core members have left and I can no longer compete with these other guilds.

I'm so so so thankful to the guys that made BLP what it is but no guild lasts forever. I am grateful to the awesome people I met and made friends with. You shall remain on my battletag/real id friendslist and whatever you guys decide to do just remember you made BLP the best guild it could have been and I wish you guys luck in the future.

I'm sorry if you just woke up and this is the first thing you've read today but it hasn't been easy typing this. I hope you guys understand why I'm doing this and that you wont hate me for it.

We've had our time. We've shone so brightly. We've had some epic battles. We've had laughs. We've had drama. We've had tears. We've had gnomes


You made the guild what it was. I love you all
(Sorry for anyone I've missed)

This is Tanver.
Signing out
Good luck guys

New applicants

Abcle, Jan 16, 13 3:28 PM.
Hi guys, just a quick word aimed at those preparing to write an application.

Recently we have had a few applications that were not really up to scratch.. when making an application, please keep in mind we are going to really start being selective, and if we feel you haven't put alot of thought in (one,two word awnsers) you wont be accepted in.

Try and show that you have put alot of thought into your awnsers, they dont have to be a mini essay each time, but try and go into alot of detail, it really does help your chances of getting in =)


Guildportal and membership loss

Tanver, Jan 3, 13 12:50 PM.
For those of you that are active on the website you may have noticed the site being down for a few days, there was nothing I could have done to fix this or get us online sooner, This was a fault at Guildportal's end.
It's awesome that we're back online again but we've lost a fair bit of data including forum posts and member accounts. 
If you find out that you've lost access to the membership section of the Forums then poke me in game, request access to the site again and I'll grant you access as soon as I can. But other than that, there's nothing much I can do.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Tanver, Dec 12, 12 12:39 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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